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Manufacturers of: 
Injection Nozzles, Ring Check Valves, Nozzle Replacement Tips, Precision Tooling, Injection Mold Clamps,
 Custom Parts Made To Order


As the pioneers of the swivel-based adjusting screw, HTC/TOPS-ALL now offers the most complete line of injection mold clamps available. There are four styles in twenty-five sizes. The exclusive swivel-based screw permits fast, sure adjustments, protects platen against scoring, eliminates threaded bolt hole distortions, and reduces set-up time. With a tilting action, the swivel base even adjusts to uneven platen surfaces.

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Throughout this site you will find a variety of the nozzles and other related products to fit most any new or existing injection mold press. If you need products built to your exact requirements, please contact us for special ordering information.

Please Note  
Nozzles Supplied For All: 

  • Plunger and reciprocating screw presses
  • One piece or replaceable tip construction
  • Metric thread capability for foreign made presses
  • Immediate shipment of stock items
  • A sketch or sample of your requirement for unlisted nozzles will receive immediate attention.